Sunday, December 28, 2008

Is that a communist in democrat's clothing I see?

Beware, the chief of the thought police is nearby

MMkay, so I haven't opined in a while due to various time constraints. But this morning I was catching up on a little newspaper reading in my "library", if ya know what I mean. The latest Weekend Journal section of the WSJ has this 2009 Resolutions feature that contains these little professional and personal resolutions from famous politicians, artists, business people and other various culturally relevant types. Anyway, it made for some good recreational reading until something stuck me like an annoying little splinter.

The one and only, Donna Brazile, is quoted as saying, "It's time someone limit some pundits' ability to bloviate on issues they know nothing about. For example, a political strategist is not someone who just voted in the last election or wrote a BlogSpot. It's someone who worked on a major campaign and played a decision-making role."

I don't even know where to start. Are you kidding me? So, let me get this straight. Unless someone is a political strategist and not just a mere voter and/or blogger, they probably know nothing about anything. Sounds like someone has a problem with free speech. Wow! I shouldn't be so surprised, but the audacity of such a statement blows my mind. What a credibility killer.

Okay, so who should be in charge of limiting "some pundits' ability to bloviate..."? You, Ms. Brazile? Who shall decide which pundits "know nothing about" certain issues? Probably you, right, Ms. Brazile? And who is to judge when someone is merely bloviating instead of eloquently asserting an educated opinion? Oh wait, that would probably be you also, Ms. Brazile.

I take it that because some don't have the same education and career experience that Ms. Brazile has, their opinions and thoughts should be kept to themselves, one way or another. Forgive me for taking such exception to this quote, but it is this kind of elitist mindset that has infected the "party of change". Where do these people get this?

I am appalled at the arrogance. Ms. Brazile seems more bitter than anything else, and that's a shame. I'll go out on a limb here and say that nobody cares what she thinks but the people who already agree with her perspective. And all this from someone who spends much of her time on the equality soapbox? How is that being an instrument of change? She does her cause a disservice.

Ms. Brazile, why don't you just go back to doing what you do best? Go grab your pompoms and get to it: "gimme an O!, gimme a B!...."

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